About Us

We have been providing services in this field for more than 10 years now. We have our own set of clientele who feel proud to call themselves our clients due to the quality of the service that they received and the relief that they enjoy after every visit. The services that we offer are quite critical in nature. This is the reason why people look for trusted chiropractic centres who have well-trained and experienced professionals. Probably this is one of the major reasons as to why our existence is such a pleasure to our clients.

We are quite choosy when it comes to hiring professionals, and the benefit that we enjoy out of this is immeasurable. Our professionals make it a point to ensure that our clients leave with a smile on their faces. Fremont Chiropractors started small about a decade ago, but today we are major players in the market. If not for the word-of-mouth that we enjoyed we wouldn’t have reached where we are today. This itself is one standing testimony of the quality of services that we have provided over the years. 

Our only motto is to provide trusted services to as many people as possible. Also, we make sure that our services fall within the affordable range so that maximum number of clients can be benefitted.

Meet The Chiropractors

David-E Russell, Therapist

We have always made sure that our clients leave with a smile on their face. Our happiness lies in the healthy and pain-free lives of our clients.

Barney-L Stinson, Therapist

I have been a part of Fremont Chiropractors for over half a decade. Being a therapist myself, never once have I seen a disappointed client in the history of Fremont, such is the quality of our service.


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Sunday —————– 9:00am – 5:00pm

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